Keeping Faith created and written by Matthew Hall

Keeping Faith

Record‑breaking drama


Matthew Hall is a BAFTA winning writer - Keeping Faith

Keeping Faith

Matthew Hall

Matthew Hall

Keeping Faith was created by BAFTA winning screenwriter and twice CWA Gold Dagger nominated novelist, Matthew Hall.

After its first showing (as Un Bore Mercher) on the Welsh language channel S4C and in English as Keeping Faith on BBC Wales, the first series became the most watched non‑network show on the BBC iPlayer.



Season One


Downloaded 17 million times on BBC iPlayer, the first series was the second most popular show of 2018. Keeping Faith scored the highest drama ratings for BBC Wales in over 20 years and became a social media phenomenon. Following its success the show was acquired by BBC1 and had its network premier in July 2018. Keeping Faith is produced by Vox Pictures for S4C and BBC Wales.


Keeping Faith Series 1


Season Two


Filming for season two series wrapped in February 2019. The Welsh language version, Un Bore Mercher, commenced on S4C on Sunday 12th May shown with English subtitles. It will also be available on the S4C section of the BBC iPlayer website.


Keeping Faith, the English language version commenced on BBC One on 23 July 2019. Available to view on BBC iPlayer.


Keeping Faith Series 2




Matthew Hall

Keeping Faith received six nominations for the BAFTA Cymru awards 2018 and three wins in the best writer, best composer and best actress categories.


Eve Myles plays Faith Howells in Keeping Faith

Eve Myles

Faith Howells has a perfect life... or does she?

Wife, mother of three young children and partner in a small family-owned law firm, she has sacrificed the prospect of a high-flying career for a happy-ever-after existence in a quiet town on the beautiful coast of west Wales.


One Wednesday morning Faith’s life is turned upside down when her loyal husband, Evan, leaves for work and never arrives. Every certainty to which she has ever clung is thrown into doubt as she is forced to the realisation that he has gone. She then begins to discover that he took many untold secrets with him.


Juggling children while holding together an embattled law firm, Faith’s search for Evan takes her into ever darker realms as she confronts the fact that there is something that can be called truly evil and accepts the possibility that it has claimed the man she loves.

Meanwhile, increasingly suspicious local police suspect foul play and treat Faith as the prime suspect. Drawing on resources she never knew she possessed, Faith transforms from domesticated mother to lioness in her pursuit of the truth – the only thing that can save her family from heartbreak and ruin.



Un Bore Mercher S4CKeeping Faith BBC WalesKeeping Faith with Eve Myles.  Created and written by Matthew HallVOX Pictures - Keeping Faith

Eve Myles stars in Keeping Faith.  Written by Matthew Hall
Winner in the best writer category 2018 BAFTA Cymru


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